Freitag, 31. Juli 2015


Hello guys, I´ve been in wonderful budapest for a few days and enjoyed this imposing city. We shot some photos on our beautiful balcony at the gellért hotel, from where we had a wonderful view over the donau and the freedom bridge and on the other side the gellért hill. I actually sewed this look one month ago and I´m already excited to shoot this one at our real editorialshoot in September. It´s a black cropped top out of linen with only one sleeve. I first thought, it would be difficult to wear a one-sleeve- top, because of the temperature. In summer it´s too hot, because of the sleeve and in winter obviously too cold! But I wore it on a cooler summerday, it hat 23 degreece during the day and we were strolling around in the city and made sightseeing, so it was perfect. I combined a white pantskirt out of cotton, with some paisley pattern in the material. I love pantskirts, because they remind me of tenni and you don´t have to think about, if someone can see your undies, when you´r sitting. I definetely will sew some more pantskirts in the future! I hope you like this look, I feel very comfortable with it.

Complete look by JoliesJupes
photos by Celia Esterlus
editet by myself